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June 2021 - University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia

PhD Candidate in Physics

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Seminars and Talks

July 2019 : Formation of hot sdB & sdO stars using MESA, UNSW, AUSTRALIA


May 2019 : Formation of hot sdB & sdO stars using MESA, Macquarie University, AUSTRALIA


February 2018 : Formation and evolution of subdwarf stars using MESA, Bishop’s University, CANADA


May, 2018 - Modeling binary and subdwarf stars using MESA, Annual CRAQ meeting in Quebec, Canada

January 2017 - Supernovae type Ia explosion and its properties, Bishop's University, CANADA

August 2018, CRAQ summer school, McGill University, Quebec, Canada

Galaxy evolution: local galaxies Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College of Canada)

Numerical methods for galaxies Hugo

Martel (Universit Laval)

Galaxy evolution: distant galaxies Sarah Gallagher (Western University)

August 2017, MESA Summer School, Santa Barbara University, California, USA

I did an intensive training with the MESA code.

Many professors gave us classes on dfferent topics using this tool.

This summer school was very helpful for my thesis project.

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