Earth and Space

Publications and Talks


May, 2018

Modeling binary and subdwarf stars using MESA, Annual CRAQ meeting in Quebec.

I presented my subject during the annual CRAQ meeting.

Many guests, professors and students participated across Quebec and USA.

Present Ising Model in 2D and 3D and explain each of these phenomenon.

January, 2018

Paramagnetism, feromagnetism and Ising model, Bishop's University

Present my master's topic

I presented the main results and topics we treated during my previous MESA summer 2017.

I explained in details how and where we obtain Subdwarf stars using the MESA code.

January, 2017

Supernovae type Ia explosion and its properties, Bishop's University 


Presented and explained what is a supernovae in general.

Presented some results of a supernovae explosion using hydrodynamic simulations.

December, 2016

Wheeler-DeWitt equation and its effect in our universe, Bishop's University


I showed and explained where this equation comes from.

The effect of this equation in quantum mechanics and in our universe.